Trance work

There are times in our lives when we experience crisis or problems, quite often when change is happening. That change can be both internally within us or externally around us. Our usual ways become unworkable or unattractive and it is common to feel locked into a state of discomfort and helplessness, with the thought “I don’t know what to do”. Trance work can help move away from that locked state, allowing us to find creative solutions again, to see a clearer way ahead, and to find answers in ourselves on how to improve the way we handle life. The feeling of being stuck once resolved makes way for experiencing flow with the world around us.

My background 

Since my earliest childhood days, music and sound have often been the only ways to switch off an overactive brain and have been the go-to ways throughout my life to get relief from anxiety or stress. I have been working with music for over 25 years as a DJ, producer and music programmer, and it was a logical progression for me to expand the ways I work with sound. My trainings include hypnotherapy, mediation, sound therapy, psychotraumatology and systemic coaching.

What I offer 

I provide support by working with a mixture of hypnotherapeutic tools in combination with sound, as they are complementary of each other. Sound beautifully but effectively works to bypass a state when our brain is literal-minded and locked into a problem. I strongly focus on my clients individual resources and help to keep them accessible. The work I provide is solution focussed and disclosure of what a client wants to improve is not necessary. Support with anxiety and conditions linked to trauma are a main emphasis of my work.

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