15 minutes Sound Work Taster
After a brief explanation what Sound Work is and what it’s benefits are you get to relax in a 15 minute introduction session. Perfect if you want to find out if this is for you. With plenty of time to answer your questions.

30 minutes Sound Relaxer
You already know Sound Work and are looking for a brief but deeply relaxing break?
Come in, get comfortable and enjoy 30 minutes of sound spent in deep relaxation.

60 minutes Sound Relaxer
An hour, spent just for yourself with extended Sound Work and more time to rest. Only bookable if you had a full session previously as this goes deeper than the shorter sessions.

Full Sound Work session
Starting with an evaluation what the desired outcome of the session is, followed by a guided visualisation. You choose from options on how to strengthen resources, overcome blockages or to discover things from a new angle. You pick what resonates most with you. This is followed by a sound journey to allow all of this to settle. (Approx 90 minutes)

The Sound Work Package
As above, but a block of 5, for a discounted price. Perfect to work on short term goals or current issues, eg overcoming anxiety about a specific upcoming event or gaining new perspective on any pressing question.

Scottish sensory experience (90 minutes)
The premium relaxation experience. The sound of the gong meeting with the sounds of Scotland. Ancient instruments, recording of the rivers and lochs providing a sound journey through one of the worlds most beautiful countries. Scottish wool, essential oils and herbal teas letting you experience this place with all your senses.

Scottish sensory experience Lux (90 minutes)
As above, but including a treatment by a certified massage therapist during the sound journey. Available as reflexology massage or hand & head massage.

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